NP Attraction from NaviPartner


NP Attraction streamlines and automates the processes of ticketing, membership management, site access control, and event management into one platform which is integrated with Business Central.  The end result is improved processes leading to happier customers and less frustrated staff.  The only thing left to do is for your customers to enjoy their visit, tell their friends, and come back again.


What it does for you


Simplifies ticketing

Tickets are available online and offline.  Because it’s a unified system, there’s no concerns about ticket duplication.  Customers can also self-serve.  All this leads to less queues and happier visitors.


Manages memberships

This solution helps you establish, maintain and leverage memberships.  This will lead to higher retention rates and increased visitor frequency.


Takes the hassle out of event management

Effortlessly organise event logistics whether it’s a site tour or concert.  If it’s a regular event, set it up once and enjoy the time saved by replicating events.  Integration with Business Central means special event quotes and invoicing is simplified.


Unifies sales

Attractions have multiple revenue options: ticketing, cafes, souvenirs, and more.  NP Attractions brings all these sales into the one platform so you can more easily keep track and monitor performance.


Problems it solves

·         Errors that result from disparate and unconnected systems

·         Frustration that result from manual and tedious time   consuming tasks

For a free consultation to see NP Attraction is a good fit for your company, contact Carrot Solutions.

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