Agni Link automates the transfer of Bills of Materials using an add-in to CAD/PDM/PLM applications by Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, PTC (Creo, Windchill) and Siemens (Solid Edge, Teamcenter), just to name a few. It brings your data from both information silos into one common data object.

You can easily define simple rules, so the discrepancies found between your systems are resolved in real-time automatically, based on simple rules that you can easily define.

Easy, error-free, accurate and reliable. The Elmo way. And if you are not quite happy with the mappings and their behavior, you can easily edit them all by yourself — without any programming!

Agni Link is the most advanced CAD ERP integration system currently available. It’s an add-in to SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk, PTC or Siemens engineering applications. It offers a unique, reliable and cost-effective way to integrate CAD / PDM / PLM applications with virtually any ERP, MRP, BPM or other system.

Agni Link can transform a lot of data. During the integration process, it processes mappings that can be not only constants, but expressions as well. Those can apply data transformations and calculations on data during the integration process. However, you can always have the last say on those. Actually, you may change them at any time until the final data transfer.

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