Content Gate from AXtension is the document management solution for Dynamics 365.    It is a software tool that solves the headache of storing and finding documents associated with your business processes. 

Content Gate is a Microsoft Business Cloud based, web application that is 100% integrated with and designed for Dynamics 365 and CRM.  It acts as the single access point to your business process content resulting in quick and easy retrieval of accurate content.

It functions as a bridge between Dynamics 365 and your storage locations such as SharePoint Online and Azure Blob storage.  From a record in Dynamics 365 users can find, preview, edit and upload all the content directly and indirectly related through filters and customised views.

What it does for you

  • Simplify your content and document storage

  • Makes it easy for staff to find all the information they need

  • Makes it easy for people in various departments to share content

  • Reduces your storage capacity requirement

  • Facilitates easy collaboration

  • Helps you see the whole picture

Content Gate takes over the standard Dynamics document handling function to show an aggregated view of all directly and indirectly related content.

Content Gate creates a single point of truth for the content in your organization, by having all relevant content displayed in the content gallery. 

Content Gate enables you to store documents with just a few clicks.  It collates the content into customised categories and associates it with various Dynamics tables.

Content Gate reduces your company’s storage requirement as only one copy of a document is kept and accessed by all rather than each person having their own copy.

Problems it solves

  • Multiple versions of the truth

  • Fragmented view of content

  • Lost time spent looking for information

  • Error reduction due to working on outdated information

  • Ensuring only those who should be able to access the documents can access the documents

  • Users making their own copies of document

  • Storage size being bigger than necessary

  • Siloed information

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