The Product Information Management system from Perfion is a software tool that gets your product information sorted!  It is flexible and adaptable making it suitable for any products no matter how complex. 

It has tools to help you manage your data and create marketing material. With Perfion you have one single source for all your texts, technical data, files, images, video, etc.

Perfion integrates with the IT systems you use: Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Dynamics ERP, InDesign and a variety of website/webstore software.  Consequently, you gain full control of all product data on every sales and marketing platform.

What it does for you

  • Reduce time to create and maintain product information
  • Reduce time to create and maintain marketing material
  • Improve customer experience by ensuring the product information your customers use is always accurate
  • Speed up introduction of new products
  • Make it easy for sales and customer service staff to find product information
  • Make it easy for sales and customer service staff to create customer specific brochures and price lists

The Perfion PIM will get your product information sorted!

For a free consultation to see if the Product Configurator is a good fit for your company, contact Carrot Solutions.

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