Many companies use EDI Studio to integrate their ordering and invoicing processes with the operations of customers, suppliers, and distribution centers, and make them more efficient, more dependable, and easier to administrate. The solution also integrates EDI communication with standard Dynamics NAV. The business stakeholders can take ownership of EDI exchanges and easily resolve errors, which are generally non-technical.

EDI Studio helps businesses control the costs and minimize the risk in common processes and exchanges. You can reduce paper trails, shorten lead times, bring greater accuracy to documents and communications, and easily track multi-company transactions. Popular EDI communication scenarios include optimizing the supply chain through automatic ordering, exchanging intercompany orders and other documents across separate instances of Dynamics NAV, and broadcasting pricing and product updates to the point-of-sale systems in a retail chain.

Enterprises cooperate in a value chain to deliver great products and services to customers. Electronic document interchange (EDI) can minimize paper trails, reduce lead times, and enable businesses to monitor and track multi-company transactions.

As part of To-Increase Business Integration Solutions, EDI Studio offers template-based, extensible support for business communications and transactions that span specific industries across multiple platforms and applications. Just as important, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users can work without leaving the familiar environment they use every day, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

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