Fully connected to Business central, DIMO Maint MX’s Cloud Maintenance Management solution simplify and secure maintenance teams’ everyday lives. Evolving expert CMMS software covers all the maintenance processes of your equipment, vehicles and buildings. DIMO Maint supports the digital transformation of maintenance departments within organisations from SMEs to key international accounts in all business sectors.


What it does for you


Better organization for enhanced performance

When deployed in conjunction with BC, the DIMO Maint CMMS solution uses resource planning and monitoring tools to optimize the human and technical resources assigned to maintenance activities. DIMO Maint also simplifies asset management and renewal decision-making by providing a comprehensive range of technical and financial indicators: work order analyses, failure rates, cost management charts, ABC asset list, rotation rates, etc.


Lower costs

Integrating DIMO Maint CMMS and BC enables you to measure and optimize the cost of ownership of your company’s production facilities and asset base. In addition, maintenance costs are kept in check thanks to lower storage costs and optimized monitoring of subcontracting costs.


More reliable facilities

Choose the DIMO Maint CMMS solution to:
- Identify recurrent failures
- Shorten effective maintenance times
- Increase availability and performance


Our expertise boosts your performance

The DIMO Maint CMMS - BC integrated solution covers all of the enterprise’s maintenance process optimization and streamlining requirements via a single connector. DIMO Maint MX maintenance software is the specialist’s answer to the financial, technological and functional issues faced by businesses of all sizes in all sectors of activity. The purpose of a Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) is to maintain, manage and control assets and facilities efficiently and cost-effectively.


Problems it solves


  •      Get an overview of your business by assuring a single repository and compliance with procedures
  •      Equip your technical service with a maintenance solution tailored to your business, easy to use and quick to deploy
  •      Optimize spare parts, stocks and suppliers management
  •       Avoid the risk of errors between Dynamics 365 Business Central and your CMMS
  •       Apply the rules of business management to CMMS at every step of inventory and purchasing management process (e.g. replenishment threshold, control units, main supplier, …)


For a free consultation to see if the Maintenance Management Solution from DIMO Maint is a good fit for your company, contact Carrot Solutions.

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